Friday, July 17, 2015

The Second Coming - Lord Emmanuel

Do I have your attention with the headline of this Special Report? The title of this article and this proposition within is so massive and surreal, in the beginning it seemed impossible to type anything reasonable and coherent. I'm very aware that many of you out there, reading these Special Reports recently are wondering what Agent D is up to, metaphorically scratching your heads and thinking perhaps I need an intervention, a deprogramming in a room with close friends, some bottled water and a mattress on the floor. Just assume that like yourself,  I was weary of someone sitting in a chair with their eyes closed speaking in this tone claiming to be a conduit for a supreme being. Let me caution you once again - be careful with your assumptions regarding how ET-Human contact will unfold. Although this is the biggest Object Report headline theoretically possible, this can be thought of as a breaking development that will continue on with more activity, additional YouTube videos that you can follow over time and gain traction with through repeated observation, This is not a one-off phenomenon or fad, thus if you need convincing - there is and there will be plenty of material that can do so with ease. Most people will click away and assume this is not real material, but the proof you need will be stretched out over time as these transmissions will not be stopping. How do we know they will not be stopping? Because KRYON has been speaking through Lee Carroll for over twenty years and Bashar the Essassani ET has been transmitting through Daryl Anka for thirty years. No one has ever proven either Lee or Daryl to be hoaxers or to be making the material up - on the contrary KRYON and Bashar have gained a massive worldwide audience with their reality shattering YouTube transmissions.

I started researching UFO sightings and ET stories way back in 1992 and began investigating full time with Agent K in 1996 so the Object Report is 20 years of non-stop researching between two professional artists. I mention our profession because I want to emphasize that two artists duct taped together make one hell of a bull-shit detector, as well as a great forward-looking sensor of what is on the horizon and we have noticed over the years a subtle, constant thread that weaves through the ET Contact Phenomenon and I believe dedicated Object Report readers are beginning to likewise absorb this after so many years of being saturated within incoming waves of dimensional shift. Agent K and I both came upon Suzanna through meticulous research and a connecting of the dots over the last few years. Reaching Suzanna's site is the result of literally hundreds of hours of conversation between the Agents (and associates) as we evaluated the flood of channeling transmissions. There is a confederation of beings tasked with overseeing the slow contact phase and these beings are in full communication with those who will listen via bio-transceivers and YouTube appears to be the primary format of exchange. Transmitting in parallel with the confederation are master beings and highest consciousness beings such as KRYON.

ET Contact is not (only) about UFOs, machines and technology. It's about conscious beings interacting with other conscious beings. With one culture meeting another culture for the very first time, there is language and protocol for first contact. Thus if the aliens are truly here, they will be executing cultural exchange protocol via standard language and established communication venues. Do we see signs of this protocol being engaged? Yes, we do and the alien methodology is so refined and evolved many have difficulty accepting the transmission has been switched on. Suzanna is not the only extra-dimensional channel, there are other bio-transceivers speaking and delivering messages from high-level extraterrestrials. This is, however the most exciting development to date and it began just about a year ago, so here you and I are, witnessing something absolutely huge and profound kick off, right now. Transmissions from the absolute highest level of consciousness in the Multiverse coming through at this juncture supports the notion that humanity is out of its quarantine period and expanding into deep, profound contact with their galactic family. So who is this Sovereign Lord that is again in contact with humans? 

I say where there is smoke there is fire. Isn't there a massive amount of smoke surrounding the question of Jesus? The Roman Catholic Church (A LOT of people who believe in the idea of Jesus) is the largest organized institution in the world with an estimated 1.2 billion members. So there is a little smoke around the idea of a Jesus, that's a strong mathematical statistic to start any argument off with. The modern day, techno-intellectual consensus is logical and conclusive in regards to the true, original transmissions projected through the trance channeler, Jesus of Nazareth. We have enough evidence in the form of lost, fragmented ancient text that can be pieced together on the archaeology tables - that widens the perspective on this larger than life figure and the evidence suggests that he pushed an extremely Buddhist, zen-like message of self awareness and quantum hologram reality based existence in his transmissions.

The crystal clear - service to others oriented message of this chosen, quantum bio-transceiver was, as we all well know, eventually, slightly distorted and humanity slowly lost its way when they began worshiping the messenger instead of putting the highest value on their own existence. Let's be clear, it is fine to have great admiration for the man Jesus and respect for his efforts, however the personality aspect of our human continuum that craves leadership, power and control over others has over thousands of years and generations manipulated the simple, zen, quantum physics oriented ideas Jesus channeled and these dark figures diluted the crux of the message until it was suitably convoluted and could be used as a tool for mass population control. In many ways it's the old-school, original, CIA black-ops twisted-truth-tactic conveniently passed off from leader to leader like a family heirloom, low hanging fruit for the power hungry to control the troublesome surfs. Why does dogma have so much inherent power and human population control by default? Because it is low grade distraction cut with just enough pure, quantum, cosmic truth to gain entry into the head, past the blood brain barrier, entering into the cell membranes, penetrating directly into the nucleus and scrambling the very DNA. This all seems like a sad joke, but don't miss the punchline. Don't get up out of your chairs and head for the doors just yet, the show is not over. The aah haa gasp from the crowd will be heard when it comes to light that the original transmissions were distorted very early on by greedy elites who were wealthy enough to centralize and control information dispersal. Alas, in this modern age, no one central system can control information and conceal it, any longer. Those days are over and gone as of right now. The organized religion fallacies and distortions that breathed and existed through centralized media and information control for thousands of years are being vaporized to ash under the light of the electronic age and the intense radiation of digital and global connection of fresh human minds. Why is it important to sift out the truth from the ancient distraction now? Because it swivels our heads back around to the idea of a constant, quantum beacon of compassion and intelligence being broadcast from a timeless quantum sea. In this NOW, through Suzanna we are getting pure, uncut data direct from the source! The ultra-high level truths from super consciousness are once again penetrating our airwaves, radiating out like beams from a lighthouse that cannot be smashed by the crashing waves of time and entropy. 

So dogma has proven itself to be a near disaster for humankind but what about the idea of a man named Jesus and his channeled information? There is no doubt a man named Jesus existed, it's not a matter of belief, his existence is proven fact and to think otherwise is simple ignorance. Intelligent, thinking humans should however, be repulsed at the idea of worshiping the messenger. We know exactly who and what he was with our current internet collective consciousness and thousands of man-hours of PhD level, field research, all available with a few flicks of the wrist. Don't forget the sheer power of the grid you are linked to, the artificial intelligence network that you, I and the other readers are wired into right this very nanosecond. We are engaged with a network of conscious data via the internet, and it's akin to strapping on an IQ booster cap each time you open up a web browser. Instant information to the best, statistical consensus and this digital brain is expanding exponentially every millisecond. Any question you have about any subject is answered instantly and leads to another series of questions in a cascading domino effect of mass revelation. The internet is a primordial artificial intelligence machine. It's trillions of images on tap and trillions of ideas, with an endless volume of videos and music and data and it is expanding and for all we know will indeed one day become sentient. The growth of technology is so sublime and exponential, the true power it possesses is lost on most people. We are a savvy generation and we are plugged in and can take on vast ideas now via the digital matrix. The collective IQ power of the internet allows us to take on such heady ideas as quantum reality and life after death and the distortions of human history, the future -- everything is on the table! As I've said before, and I want you to think about the power of this statement, the ET's have hacked into the internet and it's expanding in a quantum level fashion as part of the initial cultural exchange protocol talked about above. This is not just about moving forward with big ideas - it's also about the very shell of our reality expanding outward and growing larger - large enough to encompass the notion of contact with other star beings, other conscious beings like us existing via the mass of fusion driven star light. We are also interacting with beings in dimensions that are outside this Universe and our star light quantum constant. Many of these beings that exist in another dimension correspondingly exist within exponential higher levels of conscious energy. 

Every living, breathing, conscious human being is a bio-transceiver of quantum-level information and this capacity is a result of having a soul. A soul is a quantum footprint, outside of time-space. I'd like to think that I have a quantum footprint and that the mere fact of being quantum-based is linked by default to hyper-infinity and thus some realm of perpetual joy. I know the premise of this quantum soul possibility is indeed fact because I myself had a vivid remote-viewing experience several years ago and found myself coming out of a nap, on my side, in bed with my eyes closed, looking around a room that was somewhere else. I was not dreaming, in fact I kept my eyes closed and began describing to my wife what was happening in words, I was tapped into some sort of mass-less, quantum transmission - looking around a strange room. When I say looking around a room, I mean my eyes were closed and was looking up to the ceiling, left and right. I was awake and calm enough to think about using 3D perspective and knew that looking around would reveal if this were not a dream or retinal-transmission aberration. During this remote viewing episode I could move my attention away from an object, look to the other side of the room and then back after a few seconds to the the previous part of the room and what was out of my field of vision, came back into my field of vision as it was before, as if my mind's eye was connected to a camera somewhere else. What was the point of such an experience? It never happened before and hasn't happened again since. I think it was someone or something giving me a brief experience of the impossible, so that when it comes to writing a special report like this, I am not hesitant or timid or apologetic - I lay it out with the conviction that comes from cold, hard experience. In this remote-viewing experience, my field of vision was not great, it seemed as though I could only move my point of view to the left, right or top and bottom as much as a person sitting perfectly still and not moving their head would be able to see. This was a big experience, so of course after I had the experience I certainly had no problem with the idea of ETs and higher beings transmitting their distant thoughts and wisdom through a human being from someplace else. Yes this is weird, but get over the weird factor and wade into the deep end which is where things get really interesting.

In my previous special report Hyper-Infinity, I touched on the nature and origins of channeling, "Linguistics is not an issue for anyone wishing to hear the messages bleeding through the 4th dimensional rupture, because hyper-infinity has produced a perfect, instantaneous, quantum communication matrix that spans all space and time and dimensions and this matrix is conscious beings - what could be more simple? This is verified by ancient text, as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and all other founders of what we would call religion. In this digital internet age with our global, collective consciousness - we can now see, these were mere humans being used as bio-transmitters to bleed through trans-dimensional messages. Some of the messages have been thoroughly twisted and altered over thousands of years as the white noise desperately tries to plug the holes of reality in order to maintain stasis and balance. Their dimensional transmissions this time around are tailored for our contemporary times yet are embedded within the universal mathematical constant that drives infinity."

The idea of a "Second Coming of The Lord" in most people's imagination is some mythical being in a glowing white robe, descending from the heavens in clouds - possibly Jesus himself. Is this intentional misdirection? Likely it is misinterpretation of a more subtle, practical statement that has been (surprise) taken out of context and this very concept is spoken of in Suzanna's videos. That original source energy, the supreme being who transmitted through the channeler Jesus is speaking again through a human channel, this time through a woman so the information is being downloaded, decoded and spoken with a female essence. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel states in her videos, as part of the internet collective consciousness, that she is THE voice for Lord Emmanuel. Lord Emmanuel being the advanced intelligence speaking through the channeler Jesus, 2000 years ago. She also channels KRYON, a supreme being tasked with ascension across multiple Universes and realms. Once again, the hurtling biosphere spaceship called Earth is coming upon a timeless, quantum beacon parked within infinity, that begins to broadcast to those arriving near the sacred buoy. The transmission is from a reality that does share the same physics we have here in this material Universe, it's that profound and strange. As such, this eternal quantum message which pervades the holographic, fractal crystalline matrix of existence is picked up by living bio-transceivers. But not just any living being, the deepest, most powerful levels of transmission must pass through a fractal reality being that is in a karma-free state; which I personally take to mean that this connection is akin to super-conductivity. The message has a low noise to signal ratio. The transmission is, quite literally loud and clear, we have another chosen bio-transceiver, decoding, relaying and dispersing a timeless, universal message, a navigational assist and in this modern day the message precedes increasingly intense revelations of ET existence, contact and our true human history. It is in a sense, a second coming or more accurately a second transmission from the Highest Being in the Multiverse. But this is not about worshiping the messenger in the sky - it's about getting our collective minds back on track and regaining our focus on the true nature of reality and the benefits of conscious existence. 

Humans always crave physical proof or at the least a promise of tangible results. If the Lord of the Universe is transmitting again through a chosen human being, surely something grand must be afoot. Suzanna herself stays perfectly still in a chair and speaks non-stop without a fault or pause for over an hour, video after video after video after video. From a physiological point of view - it is an impressive, super human feat that is repeated over and over. The messages themselves are even more mind blowing. Will there be more than speaking and wisdom? Will there be a ground shaking, physical, manifestation of sorts as these transmissions continue? "Only time will tell" is an applicable expression here with this recently activated trans-dimensional transmission, and indeed the message coming through Suzanna itself, indicates or more accurately reveals a time space preview - we all will (over time) witness an explosion of popularity of Suzanna and her transmissions and anyone reading this now will witness her popularity going from a few hundred internet hits to millions upon millions of global listeners and a vast, dedicated audience over the coming years. You will be able to say, you listened to the transmissions at the very beginning, back in 2015

- Agent D

Image credits:
The Last Temptation of Christ, Universal Pictures
Forensic Face of Jesus by BBC Photo Library

Monday, July 13, 2015


"Sirius" the controversial film by Steven Greer has just hit Netflix and for many, such as myself, this will be the first opportunity to watch the film in its entirety. Yes, Sirius was released some time ago, but how many of us paid to see it when this niche, UFO film was first released? I suspect not too many - so this current Netflix release is closer to an official, public release and thus it's time to have another good look at that freaky, 6-inch humanoid mummy and to once again bask in the light of Dr Greer's brilliant, glowing ego.

I watched Sirius last night at home on my (magnificent) Samsung HD LED TV and I had two discrete thoughts running in 64 bit parallel, the entire time watching Sirius: 1) what an absolute, demonic, insane asylum this planet is and 2) what an ego Dr Greer is in possession of. Medical doctors are legendary for having a God complex and Dr Steven Greer does not disappoint. To his credit, Dr Greer has undertaken quite a task and a good solid ego and serotonin-laden sense of accomplishment is obligatory if you are going to put yourself in the line of fire like he has repeatedly. There is no question, the last few decades were certainly tense and morbid for Greer, as you will learn watching this film. He has ruffled a few shadow government feathers on more than one occasion.

I have never met the man in person, but Dr Greer impresses me as genuine and intelligent, and he is a fantastic public speaker and event organizer who has brought UFO conspiracies closer to public scrutiny in a way that only someone possessing the momentum of a medical license can. He certainly comes across larger than life in (HIS) film and his Arnoldesque physique conjured up the super hero title of "Dr Disclosure" in my brain as I watched this. If I sound a touch jealous or resentful, it's likely because... I am. Whenever I see a big UFO production of this significance and the Object Report isn't mentioned - I feel restless, but the psychoanalysis goes deeper than just being left out of the party. Dr Disclosure in many ways is the antithesis of "Agent D", the alter-ego, mirror-image opposite. For all the muscle-bound, titanium ball'ness that Dr Greer possesses, Agent D possesses an equal, anti-mass amount in utter public absence and anonymity. Agent D is an abstraction that is faceless and mass-less and therefore does not possess any credibility or momentum. Agent K and I deliberately do not exist as real personalities in order that any information transmitted via the Object Report must be interpreted and materialized in the brain of the reader on its own merit. There is no vested personal interest when there is simply no person.

Thanks to the research of hardcore Ufologists like Dr Disclosure - it has been revealed to us that our ongoing ET contact phenomenon is layered and complex and each time we stop and gaze at it, the absolute truth of what is happening remains far off in the distance, shimmering and evolving like a mirage - it's physical, mental, spiritual and existential and beyond words. Many of us feel at some point as if we are chasing the mythical leprechaun pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, thus physically exposing bogey men hiding behind the conspiracy curtain, satisfies a basic human craving for tangible evidence and immediate results - but does it get us closer to the elusive pot of gold? I have been shamelessly pushing on every street corner recently, the notion that everything is simply a vibrating, quantum illusion all taking place in your holographic mind. Everything you see is in this universe of light encoded reality, driven by pure thought and I think we should be careful of becoming trapped in the holodeck program of conspiracy and struggle - convincing ourselves that defeating a hidden enemy will release the ETs from a magic box. This is a scenario I touched on in the last Object Special Report Hyper Infinity. 

Through Sirius, Dr Greer and his production crew successfully filter out enough practical evidence from the vast, white noise and argue their case effectively - that a well entrenched, sinister faction of humanity is currently calling the global shots and suppressing UFO evidence, advanced tech and resisting ET contact with their last, dusty breath. The film Sirius presents a history of Doctor Greer's seemingly super-human work over the last few decades, so we are looking at the UFO phenomenon over a significant length of time. Taking this into consideration, I found the film lacking when it comes to some of the higher echelons of intellect closely woven with ET contact in recent years. I have never truly believed that prying tiny morsels of UFO data from the cold, icy grip of the trillion-dollar-funded shadow government goons would result in disclosure driven ET-Human contact. Not because disclosure isn't relevant, but simply because what is transpiring in the contact phenomenon is multi-dimensional, idiosyncratic and beyond the human ego and human constructs.

It has been suggested on the internet that this tiny mummy is an ET-human hybrid corpse and I believe this is what we are looking at here. I do believe there is Gray DNA involved and if you recall Gray DNA is trans-human DNA that is technically more human than alien - having a parallel reality, human origin. One or two experts speaking during the film strongly suggest this fact but never state it flat out. The evidence presented in Sirius is rather convincing in that this 6 inch mummy is extraordinary, based upon the X-RAY images which suggest the creature has 11 ribs where a human normally has 12 and DNA tests which suggest an abnormally high number of trans-human genetic markers. We also learn through Sirius that it was Dr Greer who coined the phrase "CE5" or close encounter of the fifth kind, which is a "human initiated encounter". Here Agent D and Dr Disclosure share common ground and this, in my opinion, is getting closer to the mathematical function, the galactic formula that points to contact and human technological evolution. Sirius is a great documentary and worth having a watch. 

Agent D

Monday, June 8, 2015

São Paolo Boomerang UFO

We have an impeccable eyewitness from Brazil who recently saw a V-shaped UFO through the window as her plane was climbing out of São Paulo, Brazil. The passenger had a good, long, steady, line of sight lock onto the craft and was able to discern the rough size, height and distance from her airplane and even details on the altitude. The V-shaped configuration is a known ET boomerang reported by many others over a long period of time. Here is her detailed, real-time account of what she witnessed along with a drawing she sketched and an event recreation I made based upon the sketch and subsequent feedback from Adriana.

"Wednesday, June 4th, 2015, at approximately 16:45h, I was on the Avianca company’s aircraft flight number O66302, from São Paulo/SP (GRU) to Recife/PE (REC), in Brazil. The plane had just taken off from Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was still in ascent route. It was in the altitude where you can still see a clear division between the clean sky and the polluted atmosphere of São Paulo. I was sitting on the right side of the aircraft, seat 24K. I looked out the window and saw a black object, small, boomerang-shaped, but very angular and hard, without indentations or protrusions, without lights, without visible turbine or propellers, flying at the same altitude of the plane, not far from it, parallel to the plane but in the opposite direction. The object was flying in a very awkward position: like a V upside down, with the angle up and the dashes down. I saw it for about 10 seconds, since it appeared in front of me until it went out of the frame of the window. 

At first I thought it was a seagull. But, if it were a seagull, the wings would be up and not down. In addition, it was too hard to be a bird. Then I thought it was an object V-shaped which was attached in the corner by a cable and was moving straight along the cable. But there was no cable or places where the cable could attached, since it was too far above town and there were no other aircrafts 
nearby. I did not even consider that the object had come loose from somewhere and was falling, because it was not doing a downward movement, as it was moving horizontally, not vertically. It could not be a drone either because it had no propeller and, as it was too far from the land [ground], it would lose the signal from the remote control.

I wanted a rational explanation for this sighting. So, I got home,  searched google for boomerang and V shaped flying objects, and found drawings very similar to the one I drew on the plane after seeing the object! Then,  I made another drawing, including myself at the window, so that people can see better the position and size of the object".

Adriana contacted Agent D and Agent K with her full name and full Google profile and I had several, very detailed conversations with her in the process of refining our final scene recreation. She is a real person and knows clearly what she saw and has the ability to articulate the timing and 3D point of view details, which has convinced me this a real experience and a strong memory of the event. I'd like to thank Adriana for sharing her boomerang sighting, it is important that people of this caliber come forward.

-Agent D

Friday, June 5, 2015


If you medicate yourself suitably and think about infinity intensely, you can just begin to scratch the diamond-coated, Teflon surface of true limitlessness. Woody Allen once said "Eternity is really long, especially toward the end". I meditate on eternal existence from time to time and it terrifies me like nothing else. How can existence go on forever? Forever is impossible. Surely conscious beings eventually run out of things to do. I picture myself in the after-life a trillion, trillion, trillion years in some impossibly far off universe, begging someone to put an end to it - but knowing it can never stop - there is only infinity.

Humans have a problem with the idea of infinity - currently we simply do not understand the relative physics or mechanism of infinity as it relates to consciousness. And then along come the ETs and incorporeal beings who have begun speaking from the beyond, using willing humans as bio-transmitters. But, I can feel the skepticism within the readers visiting The Object Report website, the doubt is thick and gooey and I am bound in that brotherhood of skepticism because quite frankly, being human is being stuck in 3D with a monkey brain within a sphere of fear surrounded by a sea of skeptics which creates a thunderous white noise that permeates and suffocates any small cracks you can chisel out of the status qou. However, lately the holes in the status qou are not being filled in fast enough and the reality matrix of Earth is beginning to bleed 4th dimensional energy. Reality has sprung a leak and it's a gusher. There is a flood of new intelligence pouring through from the higher dimensions  and it's spreading out all around us like liquid nitrogen. I am witnessing in real-time, the hard core skeptics hanging on to the last moment, like that super bug that clings to your car windshield wiper, fighting the blast and hanging on until you feel the impulse to speed up to 80 MPH... and the bug comes loose. They seem to be born to be skeptics like holograms that are programmed to perfectly execute a role in the Universe in order to create the yin yang diversity needed to make reality seem real, and do it seamlessly and flawlessly to such a nuanced level, that even sane people around them will absorb the skepticism, like a virus. The reality is - we are swimming within infinity. 

When forced into their corner, skeptics will break out their most almighty tool and wave it about - they demand an answer to the paranormal question "where is the physical evidence". This looks reasonable enough and their innocent, shiny question temps you to stick a finger out to touch it, but the demand for physical evidence is impossible to satisfy for everything is made of waves and energy, at the atomic level, the quark level, and beyond - there is no physical. Reality is a vibrating quantum illusion and everyone deep down inside knows this now, because it's being proven through simultaneous scientific disciplines around the globe with results being uploaded to the net. Anyone demanding proof of the paranormal is actually inviting you to step forward and collapse a quantum wave potential that pulls you back into the rabbit hole illusion of belief and disbelief, a perpetual machine. To escape that hopeless wormhole do not believe or disbelieve - do neither. Simply exist and take everything in. The ETs know this escape route and exist in a higher state of being and manipulate physics, vibrations and reality itself. They are transmitting a subtle signal to us, indicating that we can do the same. We can manipulate space-time and mass with our thoughts alone, which sounds too simple but remember everything is vibration, sensation, stimulation and contemplation and it all boils down to intent. In the Universe of holographic quantum light, thought is king. 

I would probably still be susceptible to the white noise if I did not see 3 UFOs myself, have family members who have seen UFOs and have experienced 2 very vivid and in-your-face paranormal, ghosts myself. As I said before here on TOR "I'm way, way, way..... beyond just being a believer" This is a liberating realm to exist in. I take everything in no matter how silly or impossible it strikes me, because I have seen the impossible, at least the impossible according to a large majority of homo-sapiens. I know two things for certain, I have seen three UFOs and I have seen two ghosts, so therefore ETs likely exists and there is certainly life after death. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to connect the third dot, form the triangle and conclude that these dead people and ETs are speaking to us now through living humans to get us ready to fall back into infinity. We are being told, or reminded, that the driving matrix of reality itself is a holographic fractal. I've uploaded to this blog a few 3D renderings of fractals from the net. These shapes look alive and organic, however we are looking at nothing other than mathematics. 

These two words, holographic and fractal, look innocent enough until you mix them together. When you put the two words together to better describe one concept, you have hyper-infinity. Infinity is not just some dark, never ending vastness of eternal void. Our reality is derived from hyper-infinity in which trillions of infinite vibrating universes, spawn off an infinite number of new, slightly different universes. A fractal, spawning off infinite fractals. This is infinity on steroids. Keep in mind, the concept of a holographic-fractal is simply your brain constructing a 3D version of infinity - what is really going on is even far beyond the mind shattering idea of fractaling fractals. We simply can't grasp it. Perhaps, likewise infinity likely can't grasp us mortal humans (like we can grasp ourselves). Fractals are not an alien given concept, the idea of fractals took hold in the 1980's when computers became common enough and powerful enough to render the fractal equations, which of course approach infinity in terms of calculation. We have a strong suggestion from decades of close encounters, near death experiences and abductions that beings from other realms don't in fact use words - but use telepathy which is capable of transferring concepts in a more holographic, multidimensional fashion. Humans do the same in a sense, when we want to convey deep concepts we don't attempt to explain it with words, artists combine the words with sound and light and time to create motion pictures, which can teleport us to other real and imaginary realms (in our heads).

As in the climax of the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which the ETs initiate contact with the human scientists, first teaching them to speak through a Universal language of musical tones, the Visitors are here and they are teaching us how to communicate with them using a Universal tone. Linguistics is not an issue for anyone wishing to hear the messages bleeding through the 4th dimensional rupture, because hyper-infinity has produced a perfect, instantaneous, quantum communication matrix that spans all space and time and dimensions and this matrix is conscious beings - what could be more simple? This is verified by ancient text, as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and all other founders of what we would call religion. In this digital internet age with our global, collective consciousness - we can now see, these were mere humans being used as bio-transmitters to bleed through trans-dimensional messages. Some of the messages have been thoroughly twisted and altered over thousands of years as the white noise desperately tries to plug the holes of reality in order to maintain stasis and balance. Their dimensional transmissions this time around are tailored for our contemporary times yet are embedded within the universal mathematical constant that drives infinity. The constant on a hyper-dimensional level is not survival of the fittest, as it is here on Earth, that is our unique planetary evolutionary template. Beyond the physical, in the realm of eternal quantum intelligence, compassion and perpetuation of life are driving factors and curiously almost the exact inverse of the dominant Earth force of fear and fittest. Earth indeed seems to be an isolated ball, a petri dish of free will and seething resentment. It is no surprise when a soft, subtle message from the compassion dimension does manage to bleed through, it comes across to most new ears as too perfect and romantic to actually be true. If these hardened listeners would - like myself - push through the first few waves of repulsion and resistance to the somewhat campy messages, they will discover that the spoken message is far more complex and profound than it first seemed. Highly technical subjects are expanded upon, such as magnetism, gravity, faster than light travel, other dimensions, holographic function, murder, reincarnation (how we get that wrong) and other mind blowing topics such as intentional control of energy, mass and time.

If we do have subtle, trans-dimensional messages beaming in, I do not know what this means in terms of ET contact and the future of the human masses, it could mean nothing at all, at least not until one's death. It could mean everything if ETs show up, and many brilliant writers such as Whitley Strieber and Richard Dolan have expanded upon the scenarios with great vision. The irony here is that billions of humans live and die by the rules of religions which are derived from old, channeled information and yet as the same trans-dimensional beings and signal are again speaking - the masses deny this modern signal based upon their distorted concept of the same quantum signal from the so called "past". Think about that for a moment. - Agent D

Image credits and further resources: (TED SPEAKS)
I came across this TED speaks video, in which a cosmologist explains how, within infinity you can have any possible configuration of mass, --------ANYTHING---------- with big bold capital letters, meaning all scenarios no matter how magical, impossible or complex it seems - it is ALL possible simply because there is an infinite amount of time for mass to randomly assemble in such a configuration. Infinity allows for Infinity to happen. Again, because time-space is an illusion, at the quantum level our minds can access infinity and its seemingly endless, magical diversity.  -Agent D

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Account of One of my Personal Sightings

After reading several accounts over the past few years of people witnessing shadows on the ground that don't correlate to anything in the sky above them, I decided I would come forward with my own first hand experience involving this phenomenon. First, some brief background on this topic. There have been multiple documented cases from around the globe where eyewitnesses have seen an enormous shadow pass over the ground below them on bright, cloudless, sunny days and when they look to the sky to identify what is creating the shadow--there's nothing there. It sounds crazy, but when you see something like this first, hand as I did, it's truly something undeniable.

Richard Gray, who runs the Educating Humanity blog, recently commented on a post from Agent D regarding an eyewitness in Prescott, Arizona who saw a gargantuan shadow pass over his property in the middle of a crystal clear day with blue skies one day prior to the Phoenix Lights event. There was nothing in the sky. This got me thinking about my own sighting and prompted me to do a little further digging to see if anyone else out there has experienced the same thing. Sure enough, there are some really good accounts. 

The Liverpool England Encounter

On June 1st, 1997, there were a series of sightings of a large triangular craft by multiple eyewitnesses. In particular, a pilot flying a private single engine plane near Liverpool was shocked to see the enormous shadow of a triangular shaped object reflected on the ground. Fearful of a collision he scanned the clear blue sky for signs of other aircraft, but saw nothing. Despite this the enormous shadow continued to pace him for several minutes until disappearing from sight. This shadow was so clear and well defined that his immediate concern was whatever was creating it had to have been dangerously close to his aircraft. The plane was traveling at approximately 100 mph while the triangular shadow was moving at about double that speed, 200 mph. There's a video of a reporter interviewing the pilot about his experience here which is worth watching. 

Other Sightings of "Invisible Planes" 

A post to a UFO sightings forum by a person in 2008 describes their amazement at seeing an aircraft-shaped shadow fly directly over them with no sound.
This happened earlier today, while I was sitting at a stoplight. And... it was huge! While I was facing north, a HUGE (roughly) plane-shaped shadow came across the ground, from behind my car. This road was about 4 lanes across, with the median the size of a lane. So I'd say the shadow about 55 feet across. The edges of the "plane shadow" went from one end to the other. I looked ahead to see the plane... but there was nothing, either ahead of me, or to the sides (I thought that the shadow might have been cast diagonally.) Stranger still, I did not hear anything. Let me say that I am used to seeing airplanes, large and small, fly close to the ground. Within 50 miles of me there are 3 major airports (DFW, Love Field, and Alliance) and 4 or 5 smaller ones. Every variety of plane possible flies over my house and city on their takeoff and landing paths. So I know what planes look like when they fly low, and how to get a rough idea of what size of shadow corresponds to what height. More importantly, I know what they sound like.

In 2010 a woman posted on a message board the following question: Can an orbiting satellite cast a distinct shadow? Of course the short answer is, no it cannot. But the reason she was asking the question is what I find interesting.
While pulling weeds from the flowerbeds today, a shadow passed over me. I was looking groundwards, but from my peripheral vision I could tell it was a large shadow. When I looked up, however, not one second after the shadow passed, there was nothing but clear blue sky and a white-hot sun. No plane, no bird, nothing. Is it possible it was a satellite? Could an orbiting satellite of relatively small size cast such a distinct shadow? I guess I would have figured something so comparatively small and distant wouldn't be able to cast an actual shadow, as the light would just diffuse around it. Perhaps that was a poor assumption though, or I'm just going loony or maybe losing my eyesight?

My Personal Eyewitness Account

It was March of 2011 and I was in Houston, Texas visiting one of my clients for a couple days. I was in my rental car on the Hardy Toll Road headed southbound just west of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I was literally directly below the flight path for inbound flight traffic because I could see multiple commercial airliners all following the same path into the airport up ahead of me. 

Overview of the area showing proximity to the airport
It was close to noon with the sun almost directly overhead, very sparse clouds with a mostly bright blue sky. Traffic was light and I was cruising along at about 70 mph. There's a slight kink in the Hardy Toll Road that bends to the left, straightens out and then bends to the right again. This was the point where I noticed the shadow, during that straight run between the two bends.

Zoomed-in area of sighting
When I spotted the dark area on the road well ahead of me my first thought was 'is that something dark spilled on the road?' Instinctively I let off the accelerator and just began to coast a bit in case it was an oil slick or something. I lived in Houston for many years and I've seen everything you can imagine spilled on the highways, from pig entrails to ping pong balls, so I was wary of what it could be. Oddly enough, I began to see brake lights come on as the cars ahead of me approached this dark spot. Very quickly I realized it was a shadow and not discoloration on the pavement. The brake lights immediately alerted me to the fact that I wasn't the only person seeing this. I craned my neck forward and looked at the sky ahead of me... nothing but blue sky. I slowed down even more while putting down the window and literally sticking my head out the window to look directly above me. Nothing. I quickly look around at other drivers, there's only one person right next to me and she appears to be puzzled by it as well because I could see her leaning forward and looking upward as well. Everyone seemed to slow down as they drove through this shadow, clearly I wasn't imagining this.

This is as accurate of a depiction of the size and darkness level of the shadow as I can remember.

As I pass through the shadow I lock my eyes on it in the rearview mirror--still there, not moving. At this point my mind is racing. I have an appointment with my client to get to on time but my inner voice is screaming PULL OVER NOW!! I direct my attention back to traffic and ease over into the far right shoulder of the highway and pull to a stop and step out with my smartphone in hand. The shadow is gone. Just like that... poof! I scanned the entire sky above the area, nothing. I even took my sunglasses on and off to make sure it wasn't some polarizing effect... nothing. Immediately I think about the proximity to the airport and how potentially dangerous this situation could have been with inbound air traffic which in that area is fairly low to the ground.

As I got back onto the highway my mind started to run through the physics of what I (and others) had just seen. Something that is technically 'invisible' cannot block the suns rays, right? Well, it all depends on your definition of what "cloaked" means. There are two different approaches to "cloaking", the first is the ability to bend light around the surface of an object in which case the rays of light only temporarily diverge around the object much like a smooth stone in middle of a river. Is the area on the downstream side of the stone dry? No, it's still wet because the water just flows around it. However, the second form of cloaking is the ability to project an image of the opposite side of the area above or below an object to the opposing side of said object. For example, the military has been working on active camouflage for aircraft and ground artillery for a number of years. One application is for aircraft which can project the sky above the aircraft onto it's belly using light-emitting skin panels thereby making the plane 'invisible' to ground observers. A great example of this is the augmented reality cloak developed by researchers at the Tachi Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. 


So the big question is whether or not an actively camouflaged object would still create a shadow. Because the cloaked object still occupies actual mass it still blocks photons of light, even if that light is being projected the object itself still blocks the natural light above it. In other words, in order to negate the shadow the light being projected from the object would need to be bright enough to override the blocked light from above. So I can only conclude that whatever this object was that was hovering not far above the highway was utilizing a form of active camouflage which did not bend light around it. Considering it's distinctly saucer shape and the assumption that this might have been 'alien' in origin it doesn't make much sense for the visitors to use something that gives away their presence, right? Odd indeed, but I know what I saw and what others on the road saw that day, and it was a stationary disc-shaped shadow roughly the width of the road.

If anyone else out there has experienced something similar, I would like to hear from you.

Agent K

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Roswell Kodak Slides

Screenshot from the Youtube video

When I first came across the story of the two recently discovered Roswell Kodak slides on I didn't think too much about it. We've been teased and abused before with Roswell material. The Alien Autopsy video by Ray Santilli from the 90's which most certainly is a hoax has made us all wary. However with this Kodak slide story and each subsequent internet posting I grow more convinced something legitimate is going down and I'm cautiously excited.

We saw the same sort of drum roll and release date hype with other Alien videos. Though I still believe something real is going on with Stan Romanek, the way the "Boo ET" video was rolled out left a bad taste in everyone's mouth and made the release seem profit driven and I don't think Stan and his video ever recovered from that and certainly wasn't taken as seriously as it should have been. With this current Kodak Roswell slide alien it seemed to be the same sort of pre-release hype, but things are looking different here in a good way. Firstly we have a visible, legitimate writer who has possession of the slides. Most importantly here we have more than two slides of the same batch. Art specialists who forensically investigate antique oil paintings and whether a suspected work was produced by a master artist or simply a forgery, use known paintings of the artist in order to establish a precedence of technique and materials. Certain pigments might have been particular to the time and place where the artist lived and certain brush strokes distinguish a master artist across all of his or her works. Here we have a batch of ordinary Kodak slides along with the two alien slides. Experts will have plenty of reference material to establish the date, location, equipment, development and other factors. Given that reproducing authentic early era Kodak slides would be enormously tedious and difficult - we could have expected to see only two slides pop up if this were a low level hoax. On the contrary, we have a whole lot more than two meager slides, we have dozens and dozens and this should bolster the work in the lab to determine if the two alien slides match up and stand up.

Lastly, I'm intrigued by this new YouTube video release which gives us a peak into the 3D recreation of the actual alien in the photograph. Having worked on dozens of ET drawings, my immediate impression of the 3D alien is that it is very consistent with the best of the eyewitness material that has gone before. You never know, maybe hoaxers are just getting better and more skilled at throwing us for a loop but so far this is taking on an air of legitimacy with many clear, transparent facts being offered up in advance of the presentation.

UPDATE: Since posting this report several weeks ago there has been more information forthcoming, including a rather good look at the actual "being" in one of the slides. Unfortunately the being in the slide is rather disappointing. The first impression is that the size looks off. We can see the legs of the woman taking the picture, reflected off the glass casing holding the being. This gives us a size reference and accordingly the being looks utterly minuscule. This usually points to a preserved human with a birth defect that was studied or a mummification process. It doesn't mean it cannot be an ET, but this would be a very, very small being and it doesn't match years of eye witness testimony. However this pans out, in the end I fear we will be tied up with useless speculation because there are just too many ambiguous facets to consider.

UPDATE 2: The slide was proven beyond the shadow of any doubt to be the mummified remains of a Native American child. This case is officially closed.

- Agent D

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Petrie Museum "Alien Artifacts" Do Not Exist...

Recently there has been a flurry of articles, blog posts and general excitement over the release of photos of alleged "alien artifacts" recovered from a hidden room within the estate of the late, great Egyptologist Sir William Petrie. It began with a Youtube video and was picked up by multiple different alternative news outlets with great enthusiasm, mainly the editor-in-chief of Intellihub News, Shepard Ambellas. I'm afraid to report that these artifacts are a total fabrication and as far as the curator of the Petrie Museum in London, Dr. Alice Stevenson is concerned, do not exist in their collection. 

Screenshot from the Youtube video

How did I come to this conclusion? I asked the curator of the museum directly. I'm reminded of that scene in The Bourne Identity where Jason spends all this time walking Marie through a complicated set of steps in order to get the information they need from a bank employee. She gets the information they need in a few minutes and, stunned, he asks her how she did it: "I simply asked for it nicely" she replies. Sometimes the most direct route is the most effective. 

Dear Kaye,

Many thanks for your interest in the Petrie Museum. The Museum holds a number of artefacts collected by Petrie during his 1881-1882 work around the Great Pyramid. These are all viewable to the general public here (along with the entirety of the Petrie Museum collection of 80,000 + objects):

Look up UC16032, UC16034, UC16036, UC16037, UC41397, UC41398

Petrie published his work in 1883: The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh.

Nothing in the collection, however, matches the descriptions in the video. Petrie worked in Egypt from 1881 until 1925, and his departure to work in Palestine was due to restrictions placed on excavators working in Egypt by the Egyptian Government in the 1920 following the discovery of Tutankhamun. An account of his life based on the known archival material held here and at the Egypt Exploration Society is in Drower, P. (1985) Flinders Petrie. A life in archaeology.

With best wishes

Dr Alice Stevenson
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL
Malet Place
London, WC1E 6BT

Tel: 020 76792882

From: Kaye Dee
Sent: 31 December 2014 20:12
To: Stevenson, Alice; Quirke, Stephen;;
Subject: Question regarding "artifacts"


I am contacting you in regards to an article that recently came out regarding some 'artifacts' found in a secret room in Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie's home. Is there any truth to this or is this a total fabrication? And if there IS truth to it, would you let the public know or would you suppress this information?

Thank you in advance for your reply,


I'm not entirely sure why she suggested I look up those six specific artifacts in the database since none of them have anything to do with my request, but nevertheless it seems as if Dr. Stevenson is sincere in her reply to my inquiry. I would like to note that none of the other three people I included in that email have replied to me. Could Dr. Stevenson be feeding me a line about this? Absolutely. Do I think that's the actual case? Nope, not really. I think that much like the Mayan "alien artifacts" (which ironically kicked off The Object Report Special Reports blog) someone is trying to push this story as being legitimate by throwing out the names of some well known Egyptology museums in the hopes that it will gain traction.

Until any of this can be independently verified, I'm going to place this story in the "hoax" bin. If anyone out there has more to add to this story, we would love to hear from you.

- Agent K

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Theories About the Pacific Mystery Lights

Photo taken by pilot "The Flying Dutchman"
By now, many of you are aware of a set of utterly fascinating and unexplainable photos recently taken by the pilot of a commercial 747 and posted to the pbase website. The photos and story told by the pilot have now gone viral across the web and since the comments appear to be closed on the pbase page where this was originally posted I'm continuing the analysis of this event here in this special report. 

Here is the original report by the "Flying Dutchman" in it's entirety:
Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere South of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka I experienced the creepiest thing so far in my flying career. After about 5 hours in flight we left Japan long time behind us and were cruising at a comfortable 34.000ft with about 4,5 hours to go towards Alaska. We heard via the radio about earthquakes in Iceland, Chile and San Francisco, and since there were a few volcanos on our route that might or might not be going off during our flight, we double checked with dispatch if there was any new activity on our route after we departed from Hongkong.

Then, very far in the distance ahead of us, just over the horizon an intense lightflash shot up from the ground. It looked like a lightning bolt, but way more intense and directed vertically up in the air. I have never seen anything like this, and there were no flashes before or after this single explosion of light. Since there were no thunderstorms on our route or weather-radar, we kept a close lookout for possible storms that might be hiding from our radar and might cause some problems later on.

I decided to try and take some pictures of the night sky and the strange green glow that was all over the Northern Hemisphere. I think it was sort of a Northern Lights but it was much more dispersed, never seen anything like this before either. About 20 minutes later in flight I noticed a deep red/orange glow appearing ahead of us, and this was a bit strange since there was supposed to be nothing but endless ocean below us for hundreds of miles around us. A distant city or group of typical Asian squid-fishing-boats would not make sense in this area, apart from the fact that the lights we saw were much larger in size and glowed red/orange, instead of the normal yellow and white that cities or ships would produce. The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow. In a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water.

The only cause of this red glow that we could think of, was the explosion of a huge volcano just underneath the surface of the ocean, about 30 minutes before we overflew that exact position. Since the nearest possible airport was at least 2 hours flying away, and the idea of flying into a highly dangerous and invisible ash-plume in the middle of the night over the vast Pacific Ocean we felt not exactly happy. Fortunately we did not encounter anything like this, but together with the very creepy unexplainable deep red/orange glow from the ocean's surface, we felt everything but comfortable. There was also no other traffic near our position or on the same routing to confirm anything of what we saw or confirm any type of ash clouds encountered. We reported our observations to Air Traffic Control and an investigation into what happened in this remote region of the ocean is now started.

Two photos included, hardly edited except for watermark and resize. Note that photos are taken with extremely high ISO (sensor sensitivity) so quality might be a bit poor. Also an overview of our route + marking of the location is included. Now I'm just hoping that if a new island has been formed there, at least it can be named after me as the official discoverer. :) That would be pretty cool!

UPDATE: Added 4 new photos and google-earth map with underwater geography
One of the photos shows our landing lights illuminating the sky ahead since we were afraid we might be encountering an ashcloud. We entered a thin layer of clouds 5 minutes after passing the red glow, but no ash was detected or encountered.

While researching the area the pilot was flying over I noticed that it's nearly the exact location of the Morozko Seamount, a cluster of subsea volcanic vents. So, this could very well have been a subsurface lava eruption of some sort and the fact that there was no visible ash plume could be due to the low, thick cloud cover. However, I still have a few problems with that theory. Firstly, I cannot find any data on these Morozko Seamounts ever erupting now or in the recent past. Secondly, there are clearly white and green lights mixed in with the red and orange lights--as we all know, there's no such thing as green lava.

The second theory is that this is a very large fishing fleet using bright lights to go after squid. We do have evidence that large groups of fishing vessels can be spotted from space, however, fishing vessels use white and amber colored flood lights to attract squid and shrimp. I used to own a boat and I've been squid and shrimp fishing many times myself in the past, so I know this to be true. Red light doesn't work because the red spectrum is absorbed by ocean water, it doesn't penetrate beyond the first few inches of the water surface. So a fleet of fishing boats using red light makes zero sense. Aside from that fact, there were no fishing vessels recorded in that area at that time. Zero.

I noticed someone posted the comment on the pbase page about the US launching a hypersonic test vehicle from the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska and perhaps it might be related. This is wrong too because the Kodiak facility is about 2,000 miles away from this pilots location and the Air Force already stated that the vehicle crashed "on the range" which is comprised of 37,000 acres of Alaskan wilderness. Besides, that launch vehicle is approximately 15 feet long with a very limited range and it would never have accounted for the sheer size of those lights. It blew up four seconds after launch, which amounts to a handful of miles at most.

That brings us to the final theory that this was a cluster of USOs (unidentified submerged objects) which could be alien related, military related or a combination of both. It could very well be! We simply don't know at this point, but we do know the visitors are here--and they are multi-dimensional beings. If you want a good breakdown of the BIG PICTURE of what's going on right now, I highly recommend reading our Hybrids Project blog.

Agent K

Sunday, September 28, 2014


image credit: Mad Magazine - Spy vs Spy 
Agent K wandered across an interview on the web that is borderline unbelievable. We have linked the article here to blogger first so we could make a few clarifications about the fact checking of this interview. First, let me say that it is my understanding from dozens of extremely reliable sources both human and ET that contact is imminent and indeed contact is such a grand process, like the collision of two galaxies, it has no real defined edges. Many humans have already interacted with aliens, either in neutral circumstances or through abductions as part of the Hybrid program - so for these people contact is past tense. Yes, we will have a threshold point where contact is obvious to the whole of the planet in one moment and this is coming soon. Real soon.

Who better to know full ET contact is coming and is imminent than the Ultra Black Military of the U.S. often referred to as the MILAB faction. Let's be blunt, there is no doubt MILAB types know ET contact is imminent and we should now be seeing the rats leaving the sinking ship. Perhaps because the MILAB military types have been so vicious and so treasonous they would rather fight to the end rather than face public judgement and literally be cast down from the heavens, as the fallen. This could very well be the case, however some low level personnel and a handful of officers who do not wish to "go down with the ship" - might come forth, come clean, before the ship hits the fan.

We have seen several puffs of smoke on the horizon to indicate there are ex-MILAB types coming clean. This is a phenomenon to follow and it is of great importance in just how smooth the disclosure process will be. Oh, there will be disclosure and there will be truth unstoppable. I think there are a few high level cronies who are in absolute, utter denial of the inevitable and they will likely try to hold out until the very end with pistol in hand like Warden Norton from the film The Shawshank Redemption. This isn't a matter of moral judgement as much as it is inevitable fact.

The facts mentioned in this interview are all over the map and in a strange way, this adds credibility to the piece. Anything involving ETs and contact is going to sound outrageous, this has been proven over and over. We have heard of aliens walking through walls, soul-less bodies stored in rows, Reptilians flying through the air, small Gray beings levitating above the ground, abductees seeing dead relatives, even people encountering themselves. What about someone saying the atmosphere on Mars is breathable? Wikipedia states the atmosphere on Mars is 95 percent carbon dioxide and 100 times thinner than Earth's, so nobody could breath Martian air, period. So why would someone say the air is breathable, when it clearly sounds like bullshit? There could be a force field of some sort in play, or some other technology we do not understand and perhaps could not really believe could exist either. The fact Randy just puts it out there, suggests he isn't trying to hide the statement and must be aware Martian air isn't at all breathable nor warm, so something else is at play. There are a few statements in his story, especially his audio link, that I find hard to swallow and I have doubts on some issues. Is it even possible for a human to serve 20 years on Mars considering gravity is only 38% of Earth's. I would imagine that alone would cause long term health issues. The story of the 1000 troops going into a temple to retrieve an artifact activated a bell bottomed flashback to the 1970's show "Land of the Lost" and those Sleestak Reptilians who lived in a cave and had crystal relics in the center and would come out from the walls. The ship sized worm hole is hard to believe for many reasons and people being sliced in two sounds like Captain Kaye might have been reading Andrew Basiago's article - which is another worm hole rumor that sounds great on paper but as usual has no backing evidence. On the flip side the rest of Randy's story gives a good impression and to hear Captain Kaye rattle on about his experience, the guy doesn't slow down or miss a beat - it's all fluid, instant recall with just the right amount of emotional context. 

Super soldiers are nothing new and I would actually be quite surprised if the US government was NOT working on a super soldier. We even had a movie with Kurt Russel about it, so its not such a wild concept. We have also heard through multiple sources, all putting forth the same story that humans are currently experiencing DNA hybrid upgrades so this also is nothing new and yes this is occurring in the general population as well. You, might have advanced DNA and not be aware of it. The MILAB or Ultra Black military program of taking and breaking young children in order to make them into controlled super beings is nothing new and this might have origins from Nazi scientist who came over to the US after WWII in what is commonly known as Operation Paperclip. Whitley Strieber has talked at length about his own horrific memories of being in Texas and encountering MILAB types as a young child and he believes this might have been a prelude to his ability to interact with the Grays.

We don't have to believe every word of these reports and in this case there is no way to verify Captain Kaye is even real, but it does leave us scratching our heads when over the course of a few years we see a handful of interviews like this, all saying basically the same thing over and over. The real evidence of ET contact wont come from politicians or the evening news its going to only take shape inside your head when you read story after story and begin to connect the dots.

- Agent D

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Desert Secrets: A Google Earth Tour of Classified Installations

Our readers may remember a Special Report I wrote in 2013 entitled "Eyeballing the Nevada Test Range Part 1: Area 51 & S-4" which covered a variety of off-limits, classified military installations on the Nevada Test Range, including Groom Lake. I never had a chance to circle back around and write part 2, so I'm considering this KMZ file download an unofficial followup to that article. If you are unfamiliar with loading KMZ files in Google Earth, here's a quick tutorial on how to do that. 

There are quite a few locations listed here, all of which I found after hours of scouring the NTTR, southern California and the White Sands Missile Test Range in south-central New Mexico. If any of our readers discover interesting installations of their own, we would love to hear about it and we would be happy to update the file with new locations. Enjoy!

Agent K

Update: 02/25/15

The KMZ file has been updated with even more locations of interest. Below is an image of the primary list for reference...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aliens & Animal Mutilations

We have the unique opportunity to speak with Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. a retired research scientist and lecturer who is now dedicated to the investigation of phenomena that lie on the fringes of scientific understandingPrior to his interest in cattle and animal mutilations, Dr. Bonenfant's research career at Albany Medical Center Hospital and the New York State Department of Health was centered on the study of birth defects in newborn children. With advanced degrees in anthropology and psychology, Dr. Bonenfant served as an adjunct professor at Siena College in Loudonville, NY and City College in Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Bonenfant most recently retired from the Veterans' Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, and Richard is likewise credited with publishing several professional articles on near-death experiences. 

Agent D - Richard, I just finished listening to a podcast with Randy Maugan's Off Planet Radio on Animal mutilations and was impressed with the depth of the discussion on the topic in that interview. We will assume the readers here on The Object Report blog have a basic awareness of animal or cattle mutilations and likewise are aware that an ET angle might be involved here. 

Richard - Thank you for your gracious introduction Agent D. Hearing it makes me seem larger-than-life. Actually I come to the subject at hand with only limited knowledge of the phenomenon of animal mutilations. Therefore, my interpretations may appear naive to those more experienced with this ongoing mystery. I plead for patience as research leads me into deeper levels of entanglement with various aspects of this complex phenomenon. My hope is that previous experience as a medical research scientist can add some understanding as to the purpose and method behind these mutilations. Okay, I guess we can now proceed to chip away at the problem.

Agent D - Cattle mutilations and half cat mutilations have been going on for quite some time, and there is an incredible consistency spanning decades where cattle tissue around the mouth and anus is removed very precisely and at times without any traces of blood. Do we have a theory why these two areas of the cow are consistently the focus of tissue removal? 

Richard -That's an interesting observation Agent D. Like most organisms, human beings are consumption machines. We take in food, digest it to sustain ourselves, and remove waste matter that serves no purpose in this process. Of course this is but one functional aspect of existence but a very fundamental one. Without absorbing the nutrition of food, we would soon become extinct. The mouth initiates this ingestion process, the digestive tract sorts out what can and can't be used, and the final segment of this tract discharges waste that is toxic to our bodies. This leads back to your initial question. The organs you mentioned, the mouth and the anus, are the alpha and omega points of the process. Therefore, as an environmental epidemiologist, I would say that whatever agency is responsible for animal mutilations has an interest in what is eaten, absorbed, and discarded by cattle and other animals from the environment in which they live. In other words, it suggests to me a kind of environmental monitoring less the moral implications of the methodology being used.

The techniques and instrumentation used in these mutilations imply a technological sophistication far in advance of current technology. This is immediately evident in what is medically termed exsanguination or the removal of blood from the body. In most cases, the carcass contains little or no trace of blood. It's almost as if some pump-like device had been inserted into the circulatory system in a way that would completely drain the animal of its blood with little or no wastage. This is no mean feat in a clinical setting, let alone in some remote natural environment without the advantage of surgical devices. Then, there is the evidence of laser-like incisions creating portals through which internal tissue and organs are removed. To do this would require some kind of device be inserted into the body cavity which could break down collagen, the main component of connective tissue, such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and guts in order to remove them from the body cavity through the small portals previously mentioned. This process would basically turn organs to mush from which it would be suctioned out from the body cavity. One example, is the creation of a small aperture in the skull through which an animal's brain are suctioned out from its skull. While I have no knowledge of what is currently being done in highly advanced medical research facilities, I seriously doubt that such capabilities were available over the past duration of animal mutilation events. Therefore, to answer your question more concisely, the only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the technology necessary to carry out these mutilations lies far in advance of our own.

Agent D - Linda Moulton Howe has been researching cattle and half cat mutilations for over three decades, having been the first reporter to cover cattle mutilations in fact, and she continues to cover these ongoing mutilations from a journalist's perspective. Your approach to cattle mutilations is from that of biological interest - do you feel your findings and theories on cattle mutilations parallel Linda’s perceptions or is there some deviation?

Richard - Let me just say at the outset that this interview probably would not be taking place were it not for the investigative journalism of Linda Moulton Howe. She almost single handedly alerted the general public to the mysterious mutilations that were taking place in the western prairies. Through her archival website, she continues to accumulate a wealth of data not only on various forms of animal mutilations but also on other strange and unexplained phenomenon that we should all pay attention to, especially those in the scientific community. For just as Stanley Prusiner, the 1997 Nobel prize laureate, once remarked, “While it is quite reasonable for scientists to be skeptical of new ideas that do not fit within the accepted realm of scientific knowledge, the best science often emerges from situations where results carefully obtained do not fit within the accepted paradigms.” With regards to your question, I would say that our views concerning animal mutilations are in very close alignment. In fact, while preparing a follow up article to “Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations,” Ms. Howe graciously provided me with a reference to an abductee’s observation from her 1989 book Strange Harvest. This abductee reported witnessing the mutilation of a young calf by aliens aboard their craft. While doing this I soon realized that Ms. Howe’s archive of abductee accounts may contain a treasure trove of data to other professional investigators who take the time to review these accounts from their various perspectives. The only variations readily evident in our views stems from differences of focus. Ms. Howe presents compelling evidence that these mutilations are the result of alien intervention while my limited research attempts to determine why these mutilations may be carried out. We concur in the sense that mutilations are being purposefully carried out with a high degree of technological precision. I suggest that a possible motive for these mutilations may be to monitor a quiet epidemic of neurological pathologies related to prion diseases. I believe Ms. Howe holds a slightly different view. It doesn't matter who’s correct, what matters is that we diligently work towards finding the reason behind these atrocities regardless of what it might be.

Agent D - I've always had the inclination that the tissue from cattle is used in an ongoing study of man made pollution and the effects of this global pollution on animals, particularly mammals. During the last decade or so the idea of an ongoing Human ET Hybrid project has gained traction - do you have any evidence or leads that would suggest the study of non-human animal tissue could in some way be connected to this ongoing ET-Human genetic program?

Richard - Up to very recently I would have responded that, from my limited perspective, I couldn't see any direct connection between the animal mutilations and the accepted ET-Human hybridization program. But while working on a follow up article to my Prion proposal, I came across something that has changed my mind. This article intended to demonstrate the link between UFO activity and cattle mutilations in a convincing way. When I began to investigate one particular account, that of abductee Judy Doraty, I discovered a direct connection between gray aliens, cattle mutilations and human abductions. This connection will be reviewed in great detail in my forthcoming article. So my answer to your question is yes, I believe there is indeed a connection between these two types of activities.

Agent D - The insensitive way the animal mutilations are being carried out seems to be in keeping with the M.O. of the Grays from what we have heard from other eyewitnesses, and perhaps this is in itself a small clue the Grays are involved to some degree. It has been noted before on the Off Planet Radio show - and this is quite subtle - whomever is carrying out these dissections and studies is leaving the carcass behind in an almost deliberate manner versus simply disposing of the evidence which logically might have prevented humans from being aware of animal mutilations from day one. Is there possibly a read between the lines message to us here through their choice to put the carcass back? 

Richard - The question of why aliens dump mutilated carcasses in the vicinity of where they were abducted comes up quite frequently. Certainly, the carcasses could be disposed of in a way that would not bring attention to what is being done to them. It seems to me that there could be at least two reasons why they do so. The first one is that they simply don’t care and are contemptuous of any consequences. But, that does not explain why the carcasses are discarded so near the location where the animals were captured. Assuming cattle and other animals are dissected within some surgical area within UFOs, it is highly unlikely that simply dumping their carcasses after a mutilation would result in their being deposited so close to the point of capture. Therefore, a logical argument could be made that the way carcasses are disposed is indeed intentional. In consequence, it would be just a matter of time before we humans would come to associate the presence of UFOs with the mutilation phenomenon. The question now arises; why have they chosen to do so? Our curiosity would certainly be evoked and lead us to focus greater attention on the matter. Of the two possibilities, I would lean towards the view that their actions are indeed intentional and directed towards awakening our awareness. Once again I remain cautious about attributing human motives to alien behavior. However, if it is intentional, they certainly have gotten our attention.

Agent D - Richard, do you remember the moment or circumstance when you decided to take a step forward from the silent majority and become directly involved with the study of cattle and animal mutilations?

Richard - You caught me unprepared on this one! I guess it would be fair to say that I've been interested in UFOs since first reading about them in comic books and various other magazines as a teenager. However, at the time more pressing matters prevented me from taking an active role. Even then my interest in UFOs and particularly in human abductions led me to feel that there was little I could do or contribute beyond what was already being done by such prominent investigators as John Mack, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and a number of others who where active at the time. After retiring I made a deliberate effort to read the accounts of various individuals who had actually undergone an abduction experience. During this process I came across the account of one particular abductee that greatly impressed me. I was touched by the genuineness, intelligence, and I dare say even virtue of her testimony. Out of respect for the privacy of this person, I choose not to mention her name. Anyway, after reading even more about her experiences as well as those of other abductees, I decided to do something to get the attention and respect of the abduction community. To do so I focused on what I knew best, namely the study of environmental epidemiology to make sense of animal mutilations. What followed were several months of intensive research in which I attempted to make the case that mammals were being subjected to an silent epidemic of prion related diseases. And furthermore, that these mutilations were the result of some alien agency monitoring of the spread of these diseases. I guess that was the point were I jumped in. So here we are.

Agent D - Most people think of cats and or cows when we say animal mutilations, but these activities are not just happening to cats and cattle, they appear to be happening to other animals as well, is this correct?

Richard - Absolutely! During my initial analysis I broke the species into two categories; domestic and wild animals. For example, Domestic included family pets such as cats and dogs, farm animals such as sheep, goats, cattle and horses. Everything else fell into the wild category; some examples include elk, deer, bison, badgers and foxes. But more and more, wild mutilated animals are being found all the time. Recently, I was even alerted that mutilated seals, and dolphins have been found in the coastal regions of the northern United Kingdom, especially in Scotland and Ireland. The only common denominator was that they were all mammals. But, this may be about to change. The Director of the the U.K.’s Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) has recently told me that birds have now joined the mutilated community after a large flock of seabirds were found decapitated in this same region of the U.K. I would venture to say that as time goes on the list of mutilated species will become even larger.
Agent D - The new buzzword associated with animal mutilations on the web is Prions. Rik, can you give a "Prions 101" introduction to our readers who have never heard of this term before?

Richard - Now that’s a real challenge; in how many words or less? Let's begin by stating that prions are protein chains found in our cells. We don’t know their purpose but they are likely to serve some function. Recently, scientists discovered that these prions proteins have a rogue double. While rogue prions are similar in form to their functional counterparts, they contain a mutation in their protein chain which converts normal prions into dysfunctional ones simply by contact. So over time there is a geometric increase in the dysfunctional prions which lead to a plaque build up in the brain. This plaque destroys neurons creating dark lifeless islands giving the brain’s overall architecture a sponge-like appearance. Thus, neurologists refer to prion related diseases as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). TSEs are generally recognized by which areas of the brain they affect; the cerebral cortex in cases of classic Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, the brain stem in cases of Scrapie and Chronic Wasting Disease, the thalamus in cases of Fatal Familial Insomnia and the Cerebellum in cases of Kuru Disease. Mutated prions have been found in both humans and other mammals. Mammals also suffer from prion related diseases. The most common are known as Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk, Scrapie in sheep, Feline Spongiform Encephalopathy in cats, Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy in minks, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in cattle...etc. The problem is that these diverse brain diseases were always believed to be confined to the species in which they were found. However, in the late 1980s and early 90s British scientists discovered that Mad Cow Disease had somehow managed to cross this species barrier. A version of Mad Cow Disease had mutated to humans through the ingestion of infected meat. 

This new infection now became internationally recognized as an entirely new TSE in humans. Its defining characteristic was an early onset, (28 instead of 68 Years) accompanied by a wide range of behavioral problems and the distortion of the senses, particularly that of touch. From that initial awakening, scientists soon came to realize that similar trans-species infections were also taking place in a wide range of other mammals such as mink, deer, elk and many more. The question then became; What’s causing this violation of the species boundaries in TSEs? There presently is no answer to that question. Epidemiologist only know that something very “scary” is taking place. What makes this silent epidemic of prion diseases so dangerous is that prions are nearly indestructible. Since they have no genetic material like RNA or DNA, they are immune to radiation and most traditional means of eradicating infectious diseases. They can even survive traditional incineration and autoclave sterilization. So we have no means of either treating or eradicating TSEs. Cattle and other mutilations could be a rather harsh means of monitoring the spread of TSEs throughout the world's mammal populations. There are a number or reasons for taking this view, the primary one being that many mutilated animals are decapitated and even when they are not, a number of cases have small holes in their skulls from which their entire brains have been removed. It’s also very likely that other organ systems and tissues are involved of which we have no knowledge. Therefore, I feel the Prion Hypothesis offers a starting point in the search for determining why the entire phenomenon of animal mutilations is taking place.

Agent D - The resistance of prions to eradication through traditional means does sound rather disturbing to say the least. Speculating here, do you have the impression we've been alerted to something that could have detrimental effects on homo sapiens down the road and we have benefited in a round about way from the cattle mutilations and the subsequent investigations? 

Richard - Yes, I do think that and you’re absolutely right in your estimate of the situation. A number of problems are nested within it. First and foremost, the medical community must become better informed about the seriousness of the matter in order to focus their attention on the nature mutated prions. It’s critical that we learn how abnormal prions are able to convert normal prions to their own mutated form. We must also investigate how prion diseases have managed to cross the species barrier in so many different types of mammals. In addition, we must do a better job of detecting TSE infected animals and containing them in a way that will prevent their spread. For example, at present we incinerate infected domestic livestock without addressing the issue of how recycled animal byproducts continue to promote the spread of TSEs. Prions have managed to survive this process. The recycled protein supplement added to cattle feed not only reinfects cattle, it also infects wild animals that scrounge left over feed from fields and feed bins. What will society do if TSEs spread to other livestock we consume like chickens, pigs, and other animals products? I suggest that our medical authorities immediately ban this practice. This is a problem of our own doing not something introduced by some alien agency. The only involvement by aliens that I see, is that they are acutely aware of the nature and extent of TSEs and may be waiting to see how we respond to the crisis. Their unwanted intervention appears to represent a kind of global environmental monitoring of something of great significance. I myself only came to understand the full extent of this potential epidemic through the investigation of animal mutilations. Early on I could only see that UFOs and aliens were the most probable cause of these mutilations. However, my research clearly suggests that such a wide range of domestic and wild animal mutilations must represent something of significance. Furthermore, the fact that aliens discard mutilated cattle so near the point where they were captured may be an indirect way of alerting us of the problem. However, what they are doing must also serve their own interests in ways we cannot currently understand. I cannot help but wonder if this potential epidemic is not part of the warning many abductees are often subjected to regarding some eminent environmental catastrophe. Let’s hope not, but there is no question that humans are indirectly responsible for the spread of prion diseases and we must find the courage to address it without further procrastination.  

Agent D - Rik, this has been a very intense, revealing discussion on animal mutilations and you've delivered a lot of new information to us. My final question to you - do you see the animal mutilations continuing into the future and more mutilations occurring as human pollution intensifies?

Richard - Like so many things in life, the spread of prion related diseases is a complicated problem that will not be quickly or easily solved. It may be but one aspect of a far more complex problem relating to how human activity has altered a long standing equilibrium in the natural world. I feel that global warming, commercial exploitation of natural resources, and our species attitude that all things on this planet are subject to the fulfillment of human needs are all involved. Advance entities must surely be aware of how we have disrupted this fragile architecture. Yet, I really don’t know if they will intervene on our behalf. I tend to doubt it. We humans have a tendency to attribute benevolence, malevolence or indifference to non-humans based on our perceptions of how “we” should be treated. But we must accept the premise that their behavior and activities may have purposes beyond our understanding. Based on logical speculation, I believe that we will witness greater numbers of animals being mutilated in the future. So far, these events have largely been limited to mammals, but I suspect that the mutilations will soon spread to birds, and sea life of all kinds. So yes, I see the mutilations continuing in a more diverse range of animals. Lets hope I’m wrong. Regardless of how things turn out, we should try to empathize with the animals being mutilated. There is extensive evidence that they too experience fear, pain and suffering

- Agent D